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Be A Superior Dog Person In 6 Steps

William Hope
Be A Superior Dog Person In 6 Steps

Ahem... according to a study, a "dog person" is more social, more outgoing, and, well is just better all round. So we have rounded up the 6 top tips to make sure you really are the crazy dog lady*. *We all secretly are

Without further ado, start with...

1. Personalised Dog Bowls

Personalised Dog Bowls

After buying yourself absolutely everything you possibly can personalise for day to day life, you must then turn your attention to your four legged boyfriend replacement. These fabulous personalised dog bowls are available online from a great stockist in the UK. They ship worldwide, like we do!

2. Your Dog MUST Own A Christmas Jumper

Miniature Black Schnauzer Wearing Christmas Pudding Jumper

Once a year (if you are normal), we all get to wear awful Christmas holiday jumpers. From suggestive Santas' to the standard nordic print après-ski wear. But why on earth should us dog lovers stop there.

Problem: Your pooch will no doubt be in envy at your Christmas garments.

Solution: Make my little baby look like a Christmas pudding! 

3. A Super Cute Doggy iPhone Case

Printavibe Pug Pattern iPhone 7 Case

Click To Shop Animals iPhone Case Collection

Whether it succumbed to the giant iPhone magnet in the bathroom (the toilet), or you left it on the subway. Keeping hold of your iPhone is a losing battle. 

But, in the precious time your iPhone isn't lost, one of our cute doggy iPhone cases will help make sure it doesn't get scratched, snapped or even explode (seems to be a common thing nowadays). The super durable, fade resistant cases we sell are all hand printed in Los Angeles just for your order. Oh and all orders are free shipping, so quick, shop the animals collection now! Need to see more? Watch this short hands-on video below. 


4. Your Pup Has It's Own Instagram

Ellie The Service Dog Instagram Account - Printavibe

When you are bored of snapping photos of lunch, new purchases or your view, you must pretend your dog can use an iPhone! Seriously though, we all love doggy IG accounts as we dream of being a middle-class, family Labrador instead of stuck behind a desk. Check out Ellie the Service dog, she loves the cute iPhone case we gifted her.

5. A Pooch Welcome Mat

Picture Of A Dog Welcome Mat

Well duh... You have puppy parties right? They need to wipe their paws somewhere! This one caught our eye.

6. Sculpture Of Your Dog

Picture Of Dog Sculpture With Angel Wings

Being able to gaze at a sculpture you commissioned of your dog, without it attempting to bite, scratch, lick, hurt or annoy you is a godsend. Granted the one we chose to highlight shows off how creative you could be (angel wings too much?). Some visitors to your lovely home might think you have gone crazy. But then again, dogs before dudes right?

That's all for now, be sure to hit us up on our social media if you liked the post! Stay tuned for more fantastic tips & tricks to becoming a better you...
All the best, 
The Printavibe team.


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