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5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Humans

William Hope
5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Humans

Some people prefer the company of humans; others prefer to spend their down time with their dogs - and who can blame them? Dogs are loving, loyal, and they never give you grief for scarfing down a pail of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream. 

You probably already know whether you are a dog or a people person, but just in case you are not sure, here are some handy signs dogs are your best friend. 

1. Dogs Not Dudes!

German Shepherd in Field -

You ditched your last three boyfriends because your dog took an instant dislike to them. Let’s be honest: dogs have way better instincts than we do, so when it comes to guys, you trust your dog’s opinion 100% of the time. If a man can’t accept his place in the pack (at the bottom), that’s his problem, not yours. 

2. Dogs Rule!

Click to Shop Dog Cases -

Click to Shop Dog Cases -

Everything you own has a dog on it somewhere. Duvet covers, mugs, cute fluffy jumpers, your car, and of course your iPhone case. In fact, with so many cute doggy phone cases to choose from, it was difficult to pick just one, so you bought seven, one for every day of the week. Sure, some of your friends did suggest it was a bit OTT, but they aren’t friends any more. 

3. Your Pup Needs You!

Puppy In Field -

You leave a date early because your puppy has separation anxiety. Just the thought of him crying at home, alone and inconsolable, is enough to have you bolting for door. OK, so your date wasn’t exactly Brad Pitt, but even if he was, you’d still be back home within an hour. 

4. Is My Baby Comfortable?

Dashund in Bed -

Every chair in your living room has a doggy blanket on it so your dog can settle down for a snooze in comfort. Hard, plastic dog beds are not comfortable enough for your beloved pooch. No way! If guests complain, they know where the door is…

5. Doggy Babies!

Golden Retriever Puppy Sat In Bowl -

Your mom keeps asking when you’re going to settle down and give her grandkids, but you just smile and tell her your family is complete. Who needs kids when you have a gorgeous family of doggy babies who love you unconditionally and won’t ever leave you?

If there is one thing you have learned over the years, it’s that dogs are way more reliable than humans are. Who can blame you for putting your precious puppies first? Not us, that’s for sure! We love our canine friends just as much as you do!


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